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Cloudflare Leapsecond Lurch and time sync engineering

TimeKeeper defaults to a short "slew" to prevent leap second failures More

Leapsecond 2016 complete.

The complete leap second from 2016 More

Leapsecond Eve 2016

Approaching the leap-second google time skews More

Time out of joint

Easy to produce alarming trading records with poor time sync. More

Minimizing Spend on MiFID II Compliance

You don't have to buy TimeKeeper, but TCO is much better that way. More

FINRA moves towards tighter timing requirements

FINRA Notice of Proposed Rule Change on Time Synchronization More

MiFID II Guidelines on Timestamping

Guidelines released at the end of 2015 clarify timestamp requirements More

MiFID 2 timestamp requirements can, officially, be met with GPS

ESMA guidelines clarify that satellite time satisfied traceability requirements. More

Satellite (GPS) time and MiFID II requirements

MiFID II specifically permits use of time from GPS and other satellite systems for timestamps. More

the NTPd packet-o-death exploits

another set of security exploits for NTPd implementation More

MiFID II record keeping stresses timestamps

archival records must be timestamped and sequential More

MiFID2 and the fragility of time protocols

MiFID2 requirements highlight the fragility of PTP and NTP More

Mifid2 timestamps for SIs

MiFID 2 timestamp requirements for systematic internalizers More

Fault tolerance, TimeKeeper, and PTP Proposed Enterprise Profile

The proposed "enterprise profile" for PTP has some similarities to TimeKeeper More

Red Hat patches for the Leap Second

Red Hat warns users of some problems that do not affect TimeKeeper users. More

ESMA Sub-Nanosecond time standard

European Regulators issue call for very stringent time sync standards. More

Apple Watch time technology

Apple's back end time servers for their watch More

HFT Controversy Reveals Technology Gaps on Wall Street

Tabb Forum article on HFT describes technology gap. More

Solved Problems in Clock Synchronization

Many people are waking up to problems in clock synchronization that are long solved in TimeKeeper - problems such as fault tolerance. More

Cross coupled time for greater security

A common configuration for FSMLabs TimeKeeper customers is to cross-couple time sources in New Jersey and New York City or London and Slough or Chicago and Aurora or Singapore and Sidney- any two trading locations that are connected with high quality network More

Industrializing Time Distribution - FSMLabs Spectracom partnership

What it means to replace "science project" timing solutions with industrial strength ones. More

Visualizing time data in the EC2 cloud

TimeKeeper solves the problem of accurate time synchronization in the cloud. More

Heartbleed and open source

The lesson of heartbleed is that you cannot depend on the other people building reliable software for free. More

How financial trading firms can get the time wrong by 35 seconds

Despite heavy spending on network GPS clocks, PTP enabled switches, and engineering, systems based on free software time clients can easily drift by 35 seconds due to a common failure mode. More

Measuring clock synchronization on the Amazon Cloud

Some measurements of time accuracy and drift on the Amazon Cloud. More

Managed Services and Cloud for Financial Industry

Some articles on data security, managed services, and clocks. More

Challenges upgrading time synchronization in a global financial company

Even the most well financed, expertly staffed effort to use free software time clients and traditional GPS clocks does not produce a solid solution for time distribution. More

Making a More Accurate Clock in the Cloud

Waters Technology covers difficulties of time in Clouds. More

Mitre on GPS security or lack thereof

GPS was not designed with security in mind, so modern timing networks need to compensate. More

Challenges deploying PTPv2 in a global financial company

The paper by IMC developers covers difficulties in using PTP with free software clients. More

The business case for being time protocol agnostic.

NTP and PTP are low level technical choices that should not be allowed to obscure business critical issues. More

Virtualization and Cloud time synchronization

Although it is widely believed that precise time sync is impossible for virtual machines, TimeKeeper solves the problem. TimeKeeper time synchronization client and server software has been managing distribution and quality of time on physical... More