Measuring Clock Sync and Validating time.

TimeKeeper cross-check capability brings reality to MiFID II and FINRA Clock regulation compliance. More

Warning - GPS jamming at London Data Center

A number of reports of GPS jamming in LD4 data center. More

Minimizing Spend on MiFID II Compliance

You don't have to buy TimeKeeper, but TCO is much better that way. More

MiFID II Clock Compliance with Windows is easy using TimeKeeper

TimeKeeper can bring Windows into MiFID II clock compliance using NTP. More

Xena Networks puts TimeKeeper inside new Ethernet Testing Devices

Xena Networks has incorporated TimeKeeper as a timing solution in its test and measurement equipment. More

Talk on MiFID II given at Bank of England

MiFID II Clock Regulation in practice More

Single source IEEE PTP 1588 cannot meet financial regulatory standards

A 2014 paper by engineers at IMC, NYSE, and Deutsche-Boerse spotlights single point of failures in IEEE 1588 PTP. More

FINRA moves towards tighter timing requirements

FINRA Notice of Proposed Rule Change on Time Synchronization More

FSMLabs Alert/ GPS anomaly January 25 2016

GPS anomaly did not affect TimeKeeper Grandmasters/Stratum 1 Servers More

MiFID II Guidelines on Timestamping

Guidelines released at the end of 2015 clarify timestamp requirements More