Press Releases

Compliance product and TimeKeeper 7.2 released.

TK Compliance aimed at regulatory compliance and TimeKeeper 7.2 with major performance and functionality improvements have been released. More

Warning - GPS jamming at London Data Center

A number of reports of GPS jamming in LD4 data center. More

Xena Networks puts TimeKeeper inside new Ethernet Testing Devices

Xena Networks has incorporated TimeKeeper as a timing solution in its test and measurement equipment. More

FSMLabs Alert/ GPS anomaly January 25 2016

GPS anomaly did not affect TimeKeeper Grandmasters/Stratum 1 Servers More

A glimpse of the improved TimeMap

TimeMap provides useful insights into time distribution and network operation. More

TimeKeeper Supports Windows Operating Systems

financial trading, MiFID II Compliance, Cloud database management to benefit. More

TABB Group’s Research Conveys Need for Accurate and Reliable Time Measurement Standards in Financial Markets

TABB Group Research covers requirements for time sync, timestamps, and data integrity in financial markets More

TimeKeeper Version 7 Released

Improvements in portability, performance, and Grandmaster functionality. More

New Culture of Analytics, Article in Information Management

Article in Information Management on infrastructure analysis More

CERT Advisory on new NTPd security failure; FSMLabs TimeKeeper is safe.

New critical security breach in NTPd More

HFT Controversy Reveals Technology Gaps on Wall Street

Tabb Forum article on HFT describes technology gap. More

Virtu Financial and TimeKeeper

Virtu Financial, a worldwide market maker, has adopted TimeKeeper. More

Time traveller trades from space

Banking Tech covers trades that go back in time. More

Senate Banking Committee Looks at Time Sync Requirements

FSMLabs cited in Senate Banking Committee Testimony. More

Tech Republic- How FSMLabs is trying to improve the quality of time distribution

Tech Republic covers TimeKeeper and our automation of time distribution. More

Using TimeKeeper at KCG

TimeKeeper has been anchoring time distribution at KCG, one of the largest market makers. More

VelaSync GPS device first from FSMLabs and Spectracom Partnership

Spectracom will be making a 10G GPS Timeing Appliance using TimeKeeper technology. More

WIRED's Innovation Insights covers need for timing synchronization

Wired Innovation Insights on timestamping More

On Time: Buysides Must Synchronize Their Trading Systems

Article from Securities Technology Monitor covers time synchronization for Buyside. More

Heartbleed security flaw does not affect TimeKeeper

The OpenSSL "Heartbleed" security failure does not affect TimeKeeper Software or TimeKeeper Clocks. More

Firms' commitment to diligent timing continues

Interview with FSMLabs on due diligence, data integrity, and time synchronization. More

Timekeeping in the cloud - no longer a chore

Interview with Victor Yodaiken in Markets Media — TimeKeeper in the Cloud. More

Time synchronization in the cloud

Fierce Finance IT coverage of TimeKeeper and TimeKeeper Cloud. More

TimeKeeper in Automated Trader

Automated Trader covers TimeKeeper in the Cloud. More

FSMLabs Bows Cloud Time-Sync App

Inside Market Data covers TimeKeeper in the Cloud. More

FSMLabs Launches TimeKeeper® Cloud on AWS Marketplace

High-quality time synchronization software improves cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and scalability of financial trading, gaming, and database applications. More

FSMLabs Breaks Price/Performance Barrier with TimeKeeper® Pocket GrandMaster Appliance

New appliance reduces entry price for sub-microsecond, gigabit Ethernet, resilient Time synchronization. AUSTIN – December 11, 2013 – FSMLabs, provider of software and hardware for high-precision time synchronization and distribution, today announced that it has... More

The True Value of Time - at HFT Review

FSMLabs CEO Victor Yodaiken discusses the importance of accurate microsecond and nanosecond scale timing in this blog post at HFT review. Read the full text here: High Frequency Trading and the True Value of Time... More

Time Synchronization Critical for High-Speed Trading Firms to Stay Compliant and Profitable in 2014

AUSTIN – Oct 24, 2013 – To successfully execute on complex trading strategies and to stay in compliance, a firm must know the exact time that events happen, such as ticks, trades, and computed correlations.... More

Check the Time: Majority of Firms have Time Synchronization Errors

Wall Street and Technology interviewed FSMLabs’ CEO, Victor Yodaiken, on the financial industry’s growing need for accurate timing. The article discusses how some firms wrongly believe in their unverified timing infrastructure, and that many are... More

FSMLabs’ CEO interview with

FSMLabs’ CEO, Victor Yodaiken, interviewed by A Q&A session with Victor Yodaiken on timing, the time industry and FSMLabs approach including how we solve the last-mile problem in timing. Read interview here  More

Software Offers Consolidated Audit Trail and Protection Against Instances of Sinister GPS Jamming

FSMLabs, provider of software for high-precision time synchronization and distribution, today announced that its TimeKeeper® GrandMaster solution has been adopted by some of the world`s leading hedge funds and exchanges to provide an audit trail... More

TimeKeeper and Mellanox Offer Sub-Microsecond Precision Timing for Financial Trading Firms

TimeKeeper Time Synchronization With Mellanox Interconnect Adapters Breaks Ground With High-Precision Time for NTP and PTP Messages on InfiniBand and Ethernet High-Speed Networks AUSTIN, TX—(Nov 27, 2012) - FSMLabs, provider of network software for high-precision time... More

FSMLabs collaborates with Solarflare to offer 10GbE solution for high-precision time management

New solution removes the barriers to entry in state-of-the-art time management, eliminating timing-related risk in high speed trading and other time-critical operations Austin, TX – October 22, 2012 – FSMLabs ® today introduced the TimeKeeper® GrandMaster... More

FSMLabs Releases TimeKeeper 6.0

FSMLabs Releases TimeKeeper 6.0 with new support for extended timing networks, network administration and resiliency Newest release is a major step toward enterprise time precision and management Austin, TX – May 30, 2012 – FSMLabs®... More

TimeKeeper and Solarflare Achieve 300 Nanosecond Accuracy in Benchmarking for High Speed Trading

FSMLabs® today announced that TimeKeeper™ time synchronization software and the Solarflare® SFN5322F Dual-Port 10GbE Precision Time Synchronization Server Adapter were benchmarked with time distribution accuracy as precise as 300 nanoseconds. Three separate, logged, multi-hour runs... More

TimeKeeper 5.0 Addresses “Fragility of Time”, Improves Time Security

AUSTIN, TX, Sep 19, 2011—FSMLabs(R) today announced the 5.0 release of TimeKeeper(TM), its groundbreaking time synchronization software for high-frequency trading and other applications requiring extreme time precision. Addressing the fragility of certain time architectures in... More

Market Data Maelstrom

Automated Trader article on changes in high frequency trading interviews, among others, FSMLabs CEO Victor Yodaiken. First Published Friday, 17 June 2011 09:21 am from Automated Trader Immense market data volumes and a relentless latency race... More

Intellectual Ventures Acquires Key FSMLabs Patents

Austin, TX – January 18, 2011 – FSMLabs®, premier provider of enterprise real-time and timekeeping technology, today announced an agreement to sell a number of its patents to Intellectual Ventures®, a firm which supports innovation through... More

Press and other coverage of FSMLabs Patent sale

One article: FSMLabs Sells Patents to Build Monitoring Tool Author: Vicki Chan Inside Market Data | 17 Jan 2011 | 04:51 Inside Market Data And one blog post. At IV we work with inventors and... More

Press: A-Team Insight on TimeKeeper for RHEL 6

The A-Team article Excerpt: Victor Yodaiken, CEO of FSMLabs, explains: “Traders have been quick to adopt Red Hat Linux 6 because its technology allows key application calls to be made more quickly. Our software can... More

FSMLabs TimeKeeper Supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 For High-Precision Time Synchronization

Support of Leading Linux Platform Enables Refined Market Response And Venue Arbitrage through Precision Time Data Delivered to Trading Apps FSMLabs_Red_Hat_01042011.pdf Austin, TX – JANUARY 4, 2011 – FSMLabs®, a premier provider of enterprise real-time and... More

June-22-2010 TimeKeeper can now use CDMA for reference time

FSMLabs and EndRun Technologies Bring Microsecond Accurate Timekeeping to Financial Services Data Centers with CDMA Solution leverages ubiquitous mobile/wireless technology for timekeeping accurate to 10 microseconds; Expands reach of precise timekeeping to data centers of... More

June-8-2010 FSMLabs TimeKeeper Leaps Ahead with Support for Precision Time Protocol 1588

Austin, TX – June 8, 2010 – FSMLabs, a premier provider of enterprise real-time and timekeeping technology, today announced support for the IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) standard in its flagship TimeKeeper™ product.  Adding... More

May-17-10 FSMLabs and Spectracom for High Frequency Low Latency Trading

FSMLabs TimeKeeper and Spectracom NetClock deployed with leading financial services firms; Enable trade data time-stamping accurate to tens of microseconds across global networks FSMLabs_Spectracom__PR_05182010_FINAL.pdf FSMLabs and Spectracom Partner to Provide Precision Timekeeping for High Frequency... More

FSMLabs TimeKeeper Bolsters High-Frequency Low-latency Trading And Market Data Streams

Read the press release Read the technical brief Pure software product provides accuracy to within 10 microseconds across global networks: Fully compatible with legacy infrastructure and client applications Austin, TX – April 12, 2010 –... More