TimeKeeper® Client SoftwareProvide accurate time to applications

TimeKeeper Client Software synchronizes the clocks on Linux® and Windows® application servers to some reference source connected over the network. The software is trivial to install and provides high accuracy (nano-seconds), traceable audit, failover, alarming, powerful graphics, and simple manageability at at a startlingly low total-cost of ownership (TCO). TimeKeeper Client replaces ad-hoc and legacy solutions that only offer low quality performance and high engineering/support costs.

Reliability and traceabilityFor systems that have to work all the time

TimeKeeper® Client has a unique capability to monitor multiple sources, cross-check, alarm, and automatically failover. All of these capabilities are essential for making sure that MiFID II, FINRA 7340 and more stringent internal and due-diligence requirements are reliably satisfied. Both the ubiquitous Network Time Protocol (NTP) and the newer IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) are supported and can be mixed as appropriate for the network. Sub-microsecond precision time accuracy can be achieved with both protocols. TimeKeeper® Client will actively cross check multiple sources and will detect and respond to time source errors. Logs comparing time from multiple sources are kept, providing an auditable trace - both for forensic and regulatory purposes.

Powerful Management CapabilitiesFar lower cost of ownership

TimeKeeper Client can be configured and managed quickly and easily, without specialized time synchronization skills. Connecting a client to multiple sourcesis a matter of a few mouse clicks, or a few lines of clear configuration commands, or simply deploying with a managed TimeKeeper image. A powerful and intuitive web management platform gives users and administrators insight into how well the system is working and what the surrounding time network looks like. No additional hardware is needed, but TimeKeeper will automatically make use of hardware timestamp capable hardware if present.

TimeKeeper® CloudFollowing apps to the cloud

TimeKeeper Client just works in the cloud and on virtual machines - making it simple to take advantage of scalability without losing timing accuracy. Good time synchronization is particularly important for financial services applications, databases like Cassandra and Oracle depend on it for synchronization, and both gaming applications and Internet of Things (IOT) applications rely on timestamping.

PTP versus NTPUnified solution

TimeKeeper Client supports both major timing protocols: the Network Time Protocol (NTP) and the IEEE 1588 Precision Timing Protocol (PTP), V2 and V1, and the telecom profile and hybrid modes of PTP. TimeKeeper can produce nano-second accuracy from both protocols (although companies that make expensive PTP only equipment sometimes claim that is not possible). TimeKeeper can produce enormous improvement in time quality as a plug-in replacement for the old NTPd client software and it can be used to reduce the complexity and cost and to increase the resilience of PTP conversions. A common configuration brings in a primary time from a close by PTP network clock and a failover backup time over NTP. It’s even possible to bring in time from the NIST NTP servers as a way of validating compliance with FINRA Rule 7340. TimeKeeper Server can interpret between protocols, so it is easy to bridge PTP and NTP network segments.

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