TimeKeeper® ComplianceRegulatory Compliance for FINRA/MIFID II and Data Governance.

Compliance is an extension of TimeKeeper Server that can consolidate, instrument, and analyze time sync data from servers and clients across a global network into a single reporting and management tool. Multiple years of time synchronization data from any number of machines (from a small cluster to tens of thousands of machines) is stored in nosql database that can be easily queried with an intuitive and simple web interface. Questions like: what were the network clients furthest out of sync on a specific day or over a longer period at some past time are rapidly answered. Compliance reports can be automatically generated on a schedule. The open format JSON database can be accessed via the web interface, via a RESTful api, or easily imported into other tools.

Simplify Regulatory ComplianceConsolidate data in searchable database

Compliance will collect time synchronization data from every clock source and time client that TimeKeeper can discover. Compliance can collect multiple years of data from tens of thousands of sources and produce a single searchable database that can answer questions like: which network devices were more than 60 microseconds from reference time during a specific week. A single web interface provides immediate clarity about the accuracy of each time source, network delay overhead, and clock behavior over time. The same view will also show client behavior for each client’s timing sources including clients of other sources.

MIFID II and FINRA recordscomprehensive, traceable data

Data is collected from all visible time consumers (clients) and all visible network clocks (like GPS or terrestrial source clocks). Data collected includes identity of time sources (for traceability) for every source tracked by every client, events and alerts, quality measures, network conditions, even system temperature when available. TimeKeeper clients provide detailed traceability data but Compliance will collect as much data as it can from other clients as well. Data can be queried from Compliance or imported into other databases or sent to secure storage.

Enormously flexible, powerfully instrumented and simple to administer and configureUniversal connector

A typical corporate network might include a single Compliance instance that queries multiple TimeKeeper Servers or TimeKeeper Appliances and consolidates the data that they acquire from their clients. For resilience and efficiency multiple Compliance instances can be connected in a redundant network. The efficient no-SQL database can be used directly or accessed via the REST API.