We make TimeKeeper.

FSMLabs, with over 15 years of experience, is a specialist in system and operating system software with a particular focus on adapting “off the shelf” technology to high performance and critical response time applications.

  • Time synchronization solutions via our flagship TimeKeeper enterprise software
  • Real-time system and control software and design services for Linux or other base systems
  • Security and Fault tolerance
  • Software life-cycle and development consulting and automation
  • Open source and Intellectual Property Protection assistance

TimeKeeper is a comprehensive solution to clock synchronization for Linux and Windows systems.

FSMLabs was an early pioneer in Linux real-time and virtualization. We created, patented, and marketed RTLinux which was the only production quality real-time Linux in the market for many years. FSMLabs retained rights to that technology for the enterprise market but sold the legacy embedded products in 2007 and has since been developing an array of new technology.

FSMLabs’ first generation real-time product powers everything from Samsung’s ship building robots to Pratt & Whitney’s jet fighter engines. FSMLabs’ focus is on making system software more productive for business by: reducing down time, recovering from faults, eliminating timing drift and providing the super low-latency network operation that is critical to leading edge applications in:

  • Smart Grid and Wide Area Power Management
  • Financial Services Trading and Market Data
  • Simulation
  • High Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Grid Computing
  • Visualization

FSMLabs technology is designed to leverage the power of the standard software that is necessary for real-applications. Our commitment to POSIX, to compatibility with Linux, BSD and Microsoft platforms and the applications that depend on those platforms, is based on an understanding that our customers do not gain value from re-engineering what already works. They want operating systems and real-time software to be a utility, not a research project or a time sink for system administrators.

For more information on world-wide sales, engineering, support, or employment opportunities, please email us at sales@fsmlabs.com.



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