We make business clock sync more accurate, resilient, compliant, and easier to manage

For over a decade, FSMLabs (Finite State Machine Labs, Inc.) has been designing, marketing, and selling TimeKeeperĀ® innovative enterprise clock sync products and services to keep business and operational applications clocks synchronized with high precision.

TimeKeeperĀ® software and hardware products and TimeCareā„  services are used in a variety of time-critical applications, including financial trading, 5G IoT, cybersecurity, gaming, cloud DB, automation, broadcasting, first responders, defense IT, and government IT agencies.

With over 20 years of experience and hundreds of customers ranging from some of the world’s largest corporations to small startups, FSMLabs is the leader in financial trading and a growing leader in the other industries it serves.

FSMLabs products and services are sold globally through a mix of partners, VARs, and direct support.