The gold standard in augmented business clock sync for time-critical enterprise applications

We form global partnership alliances to provide cost-effective turnkey solutions in secure enterprise clock sync to our growing customers operating on a global scale. Our partners are a mix of value-added technology and service providers, such as hardware timing and network interface vendors, local service resellers, and local professional support & service providers.

“The new OWL [one way latency] feature uses TimeKeeper from FSMLabs, a specialist in time synchronization solutions, to enable Xena customers to test one-way latency between 2 chassis or test ports over a WAN, using any available reference clock with low 100’s of nanoseconds accuracy”. – Xena Networks’ press release

“In addition to leveraging the latest server chipsets from Intel, the fifth-generation Exegy appliance features the new FPGA-based Exegy Network Interface Card (XNIC). The XNIC boosts appliance input processing capacity by over four times relative to the fourth-generation Exegy appliance. Leveraging a proprietary integration with FSMLabs TimeKeeper for clock synchronization, the XNIC assigns high-precision hardware timestamps to every data packet as “close to the wire” as possible. Timestamps are synchronized to within 20 nanoseconds of the appliance system clock, minimizing the error in measurements of single-digit microseconds event latencies. The XNIC also boosts operational transparency by performing high-precision data rate and latency measurements without impacting the latency of real-time market data.” – exegy’s press release

TimeKeeper by FSMLabs is TimeMachines’ go to software NTP/PTP client for confirming that our PTP and NTP protocols are working as accurately and compatibly as possible. In our experience, TimeKeeper has the easiest installation and best graphic user interface for setup and visualization of its operation, with no equal in the marketplace. We recommend it to all of our customers when they need a top tier time client. TimeKeeper supports both Windows and Linux which makes it a great solution for the broadest number of our customers. Highly recommended!.“ – Doug & Nancy Ehlers, Owners of TimeMachines, Inc.

“At NovaSparks, we successfully tried FSMLabs’ TimeKeeper Active Client software on our NovaTick Feed Handler Appliance in a highly demanding customer environment, and it worked with perfect sub-microsecond precision to UTC/NIST traceability. The PTP/NTP TimeKeeper Active Client is a very mature product, with all the cutting-edge functionalities and features, including PTP/NTP failover, which was a mandatory requirement by our leading trading customers.” – Arnaud Lesourd, Director of Application Engineering, NovaSparks