Best-in-class products for our customers’ success

Our TimeKeeper® products are the gold standard in secure enterprise-class clock sync, used by hundreds of large companies, including global banks, financial institutions, government agencies, and other industries on a global scale.

“I was part of a senior management team at a London based tier 1 international bank that selected FSMLabs TimeKeeper to meet our MiFID II clock requirements and to improve time sensitive business logic. The TimeKeeper product is far ahead of the competition on several axes and, in our estimation, was and continues to be the only viable solution. TimeKeeeper works well and the FSMLabs support team was excellent.” – Sanjay Navgale

“We were reluctant to purchase TimeKeeper when we could download free software, but in the end the performance, reliability, and total cost of ownership advantages were too compelling to ignore.” – Tamir Nitzan, Partner/Lead Technologist Virtu Financial

“KCG has been using TimeKeeper Client and Server software for two years in our trading environment with great success. TimeKeeper delivers accurate time, and has helped us to reduce operational risk with its built-in failover and event notification. We use TimeKeeper Client Software on our servers, using NTP or PTP to sync them to our GPS Based TimeKeeper Servers.” – Steve Newman, Managing Director, Corporate IT and Infrastructure, KCG

“Technology is readily accessible for synchronizing to the microsecond, and there is no excuse for not having this in place today. Without it, this surveillance system will suffer the same shortcomings as current systems such as OATS, where aggregation and sequencing is rendered impossible by timestamp resolution and the lack of any clock synchronization. A simple call to a firm such as FSMLabs, with their TimeKeeper solution, will quickly and cost effectively solve this issue.” – Doug Lauer, President and Managing Partner, KOR Group LLC

“The broadcast industry is rushing into full digital IP based workflows. These Workflows depends on clock synchronization. FSMLabs TimeKeeper software and hardware has multiple unique features that make it invaluable in setting up, controlling, operating, and monitoring clock sync in this new era of broadcasting” – Costas Colombus, Director of Technology Projects and Support at BCE

“At NovaSparks, we successfully tried FSMLabs’ TimeKeeper Client software on our NovaTick Feed Handler Appliance in a highly demanding customer environment, and it worked with perfect sub-microsecond precision to UTC/NIST traceability. The PTP/NTP TimeKeeper Client is a very mature product, with all the cutting-edge functionalities and features, including PTP/NTP failover, which was a mandatory requirement by our leading trading customers.” – Arnaud Lesourd, Director of Application Engineering, NovaSparks