MiFID II and ten things you need to know about clock synchronization

MiFID II clock sync deadlines are approaching, here's a high level guide. More

NTP Authentication with TimeKeeper

NTP Authentication improves the security level of TimeKeeper instances. More

2016 Leap Second

How to prepare for the Leap Second that will be added December 31 2016. More

MiFID II Clock Compliance with Windows is easy using TimeKeeper

TimeKeeper can bring Windows into MiFID II clock compliance using NTP. More

Single source IEEE PTP 1588 cannot meet financial regulatory standards

A 2014 paper by engineers at IMC, NYSE, and Deutsche-Boerse spotlights single point of failures in IEEE 1588 PTP. More

Windows 10 high accuracy timestamping

Windows 10 runs TimeKeeper for MiFID II compliance, automated trading requirements, and data analysis. More

Comparing NTP and PTP (2015)

The technical differences between PTP and NTP have important business implications. More

Visualizing time data in the EC2 cloud

TimeKeeper solves the problem of accurate time synchronization in the cloud. More

Avoiding Time Synchronization Pitfalls

Common pitfalls in designing an enterprise timing solution — technical and logistical — and how to avoid them. More

Timing solutions for big data and clouds

What TimeKeeper brings to big data. More

TimeKeeper deployment scenarios

This document provides some simple descriptions and diagrams of how to deploy TimeKeeper. More

Measuring Accuracy of Time Synchronization

A short tour of how to measure time synchronization clients and what performance to expect One of the most common errors in financial trading systems IT is taking the self-reported numbers of time synchronization clients... More

TimeKeeper Cyber Security

TimeKeeper provides strong protections against cyber attacks such as GPS spoofing. This presentation gives an overview. TimeKeeper Security Presentation  More

Best Practices in Timing Infrastructure

We’ve seen some ‘interesting’ problems in deployed timing infrastructures. PTP Grandmasters that stop providing time on the network. Timing clients unable to determine that their timing source was completely wrong. Clients that are unable to... More

Complying with FINRA OATS

You’ve just made a large investment in your timing infrastructure - great timing sources, a solid network to provide clean and accurate time to clients, and tools to get accurate, low overhead time sync where... More

Real World Failover with TimeKeeper

Timing accuracy is important, but so is the ability to retain that accuracy in the face of network outages and time source failures.  TimeKeeper’s ability to track and seamlessly transition between multiple time sources regardless... More

Measurement of TimeKeeper and PTPd performance

Self-reported estimates of the accuracy of time synchronization software can be misleadingly incorrect. Here we detail how to independently test the accuracy of time synchronization and show the results. For platforms that rely on highly... More

FSMLabs TimeKeeper supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

FSMLabs® TimeKeeper adds time synchronization support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.  This brings support for PTP, NTP, and external time sources with sub-microsecond precision directly to Red Hat applications. link  More

FSMLabs TimeKeeper

FSMlabs®  TimeKeeper is a plug-in solution that replaces OS-generated time with distributed time-keeping, locked to accurate reference sources. TimeKeeper helps IT managers distribute critical enterprise applications across clusters, data centers and wide-area networks, resulting in... More