Measuring your enterprise business clock sync chain performance & compliance

TimeAudit services help you measure your enterprise clock sync performance, from analyzing your time security, fault tolerance, and resiliency, to monitoring and diagnosing your time clients’ KPI’s for compliance against regulatory and business requirements, such as MiFID IIFINRACAT NMSSEC Rule 613ESMASMPTE 2059, and UTC traceability.

TimeAudit also helps measure other time-sensitive functional performance, such as timestamping accuracy, deterministic network, and low latency.

TimeCareSM SLA

Peace-of-mind TimeCare service level agreement support

We provide customizable TimeCare SLA (Service Level Agreement) support levels to our customers to help them keep their network clocks time-synchronized to run their critical applications reliably and in compliance with regulatory and business requirements. The base service is the high quality standard support defined in the company End-User License Agreement (EULA).